Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Ghost of Mr. White

There are ghosts that haunt us...
Prof L ended up doing research on the Thomasites because as a child he grew up hearing stories about the ghost of a Mr. White. The prof became fascinated by the question of whether there was a real person behind the ghost story. So off he went to do a phd on the Thomasites and unearthed the story of Frank Russel White who built the first public school in Tarlac and later on became the overall superintendent of schools in the country.
I asked Prof L what he thinks the ghost wants or needs that it has pursued him all this time?
Is this spirit restless, wandering, lost, sad, confused, remorseful?
Is he asking or needing forgiveness?
Is he needing absolution?

I suppose I'll have to wait for an answer on the next visit.

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