Wednesday, September 28, 2011

About A Book of Her Own

A Book of Her Own is not only a book for Filipinas, nor is it only for women. By charting one woman’s journey through decolonization and toward reclaiming voice, indigeneity and wholeness, this book offers a map for anyone interested in personal and cultural healing, racial justice and the quest for beloved community. It is rich in resources, artistry and poetry, and unflinchingly authentic in marrying the political with the personal and spiritual.

---Nina Simons, Co-CEO and Co-Founder, BIONEERS,

and this, too, from Nina Simons:

Ms. Strobel’s A Book of Her Own offers a multi-dimensional and intriguing journey through her own process of finding her indigenous soul, connecting with her own authentic calling and sense of purpose, and reshaping her identity around her self, her roots and her community. The book’s design liberated me to consider new forms, as it weaves together many styles of poetic and political communications that collectively inform the author’s and readers’ learning. I have returned to my highlighted copy again and again, as it’s rich with references and great ideas to help inform the return to indigeneity that calls us all.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Learning on POV

The Learning is a must-see if you want to see the impact of economic globalization on the lives of four Filipina women. In my course on globalization and race, we just finished mapping the general trajectory of 500 years -- from colonialism to the developmental model which is known today as economic globalization. Economic hypergrowth, based on flawed assumptions about limits to development as imposed by the planet's ability to sustain free trade, paints the macro perspective. In this film, this economic process shows the impact on the micro level of personal experience of four women.

The film is powerful and should generate a lot of dialogue in our families and communities.

The students in my class are wondering why courses like the one they're in is not a mandatory course for all students. Yes, why not?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

59 thank yous

1. Noah
2. Noah's Dad
3. Noah's Lolo
4. siblings
5. garden
6. teaching
7. books
8. music
9. ocean trips
10. redwood walks
11. spring lake
12. friends
13. solitude
14. sudoku
15. world social forum
16. grace lee boggs
17. book projects
18. retreats
19. hilot therapy
20. invitations
21. birthday greetings
22. reunions
23. memories
24. surprises
25. summer by the lake
26. summer by the lake with Noah and dragonflies
27. sister surviving cancer
28, sister meeting tenor
29. sister meeting prechtel
30. Cal on bike
31. Nina and CWL
32. booksigning at Bioneers
33. Bi Kidude and Shailja Patel
34. stories as medicine
35. Haines Makes Noise
36. ethnoautobiographies
37. mentors - dead and alive
38. dreams
39. spirit of ancestors
40. scenic drive to work
41. indie films
42. popcorn
43. cooking
44. making kale chips
45. new friends
46. pile of books by the bed
47. lavender sachets i made
48. bamboo oracle
49. ghostly blog visitor
50. sister mountain climbing
51. Noah loses baby teeth
52. monarch butterfly in the garden
53. hummingbird in the garden
54. eating off blueberry bush
55. basil pesto from the garden
56. oregano pesto from the garden
57. kalamansi from the garden
58. sari
59. ultimate experience at spa

Friday, September 2, 2011