Saturday, February 1, 2014

At the California Academy of Sciences' Planetarium there is a new show called "Dark Universe" and it's narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson - my favorite astrophysicist! We had two nine-year old boys with us and I think the academic language just went above their heads as it did for us adults. I think I dozed off once or twice because the narrative was so...flat. Later on I realized that it was because the language of science is so "disenchanting" and it takes away the experience of awe and grandeur that I had come to expect in a place like the planetarium. When Neil was discussing the dark matter- the space between the galaxies- I was reminded of a Kapampangan myth of the Weaver of Heaven --she who is making/weaving a net and the stars that we see are the nodes or knots in the net. How wonderful it would have been to connect science with the language of myth so that we can impress young minds of the power of imagination, curiosity, and love when they look up at the stars at night.

We did enjoy the Philippine Reef again. This time Noah said he would love to go to the Philippines and go diving! ... One of these days, I hope.

The rainforest reminded me of why I keep dreaming of Costa Rica.

Still there is a part of me that feels saddened by this place. Of creatures behind glass cramped in such small spaces and so alone in their separate habitats.

I can hold contradictions but not for long. Maybe 4hours is long enough.
Elsewhere, at the Presidio, we looked for the Andy GOldsworthy installations and found only Spire. Couldn't find Tree Fall and Woodline. The latter I realized was right by the very place where we gave up looking. Had we gotten out of the car and walked down a trail, we would have been right there. But we were hungry and the boys wanted to get to the Academy...