Saturday, February 5, 2011

cooking frenzy

the day started slowly and late.
toast and jam; softboiled egg for breakfast.
the day before i bought shrimp and ground pork.
we had shrimp sinigang last night. i used lemons and kalamansi from the garden.
i was going to make lumpiang shanghai but ended up making torta instead. i didn't make torta the way my mom does. i used yam instead of potatoes; green pepper instead of red. added corn and peas. dried chopped apricots instead of raisins. it's almost as good as mom's.
then while the torta was cooking, i baked 3 medium-sized beets.
i chopped off the beet greens and sauteed them in butter and garlic.
then i remembered that i had kale and broccoli in the garden so i harvested some. the kale was mixed with the beet greens. i steamed the broccoli; with nothing added, it was perfect.
afterwards i noticed that i had a large butternut squash on a basket on the kitchen counter. i sliced it in half and baked half of it drizzled in olive oil. i cut the other half in chunks and cooked it in coconut milk with a touch of curry powder and ginger. well, it turned out to be coconut cream so i only needed half a can. what to do with the other half?
well, i had tapioca pearls. i also had frozen pandan leaves so i boiled it for a few minutes to infuse the pearls with pandan flavor. after the pearls were done, i added the coconut cream. ack. i forgot to add sugar. what to add for sugar? ahh, i had a can of lychees. i cut the lychees into small pieces then added it with the syrup to the tapioca pearls. delicious!!
it was a good day....
i wish you were here to eat with me.

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