Sunday, February 6, 2011

growing Transition Movements

it's good that the Transition movement is growing. 
buzz words: civilizational collapse, soft transition, end of cheap oil, cutting carbon emission, localization, quality of life, less travel, etc.
this movement is initiated by mostly urban, affluent communities, mostly white folks. in this video, there are featured towns from Ireland, England, New Zealand, Australia...there's even one near me - Transition Sebastopol (not in the video, tho).
this movement is grassroots and grounded on valuing relationships including respect for elders, mindful use of resources, planting your own food, sharing -- all good!

i've been mulling for a while now how i can plug in to a transition community but then on second thought, 
i do not have to transition because i am and have always been "in transition"...!
this movement is really calling for a call to return to indigenous values - love of Land/Earth, love of creation, love of each other, questioning modern values -- values that folks like me have never left behind. 
my question is: is it enough to talk about transition without also talking about the need to decolonize the white/whitened mind (Eurocentric, modern)? and what would that look like exactly? 
here's Jurgen Kremer with some answers.

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