Thursday, September 6, 2012

To be seen and heard...

(I'm posting this here so it doesn't get lost in my inbox. This friend is 1/4 Filipino and he was told that he is white and not Filipino while he was growing up. But his Lola lived with them and she had such a big influence in his life. He lived this contradiction and it troubled him. His search for an answer led to our correspondence and meeting).

Dear Leny , 

It is with a heart full of gratitude that I write you to thank you for your hospitality . It was a great blessing for me to meet you , share my stories and hear your wisdom .Today in my therapy session I realized why I had to wait to write you a thank you note . When I was reflecting on my visit with you and how affirming and healing your conversation was for me , my therapist asked me if I wanted to go to you for therapy , given that you are Filipina and that you understand the Filipino experience from the inside . I said that you weren't a therapist and that I went to you for other reasons , above all for your spiritual insights . And then I realized that I went to you for your blessing , and that the time with you, sharing a meal , a conversation , and meeting your husband was a blessing . And then I spoke of how your teaching about the indigenous Filipino spirit in the depths of my psyche made so many things clear for me about my family and my self . And in saying that , I had the insight that my deep SELF , the part of my psyche that is Filipino sought you out . Because in our indigenous Filipino tradition , before the Spanish came , the spiritual leaders and healers were women - the Babaylan . And you are the one who is calling forth consciously the Babaylan spirit right here in this part of the world where I live !  I am in awe that the spirit in me led me to your books and to you for healing .

Thank you - gracias - salamat - Diyos mabalos !

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