Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dreaming Big at 60

I am 60 and I am daring to dream big!! Here's my birthday wish list! Is the universe listening?

1. Benefactors gift the Center for Babaylan Studies so we can fund our many projects including the 2013 Conference/Gathering. Actually, I'd settle for a volunteer who is willing to do fundraising or development work.; a grantwriter.
2.  Obama gets re-elected.
3. Fareed Zakaria returns to CNN and talks about The Post-American World
4. Justice for Julian Manda, the young Subanen culture bearer who was murdered during anti-mining protest.
5. A family reunion by the end of 2012.
6. Volunteers who can help harvest and process our apples and pears.
7. A catered birthday dinner by a Filipino chef.
8. A celebration with my friends who are also Virgo and Leos.
9. Proposition 30 passes in November; saves CSU from severe cuts.
10. A good year for Noah and his parents.
11. A new pair of shoes that doesn't hurt my knees.
12. A regular housecleaner.
13. More time to work in the winter garden
14. Wean from toxic materials in household cleaners
15. Learn how to make essential oils
16. Get handwritten letters in the mail
17. Spend less time on Facebook
18. Bill McKibben appears on more media to talk about global climate change
19. Improve my local involvement in the community
20. Offer space in my home to retreatants
21. More time to mentor
22. Go to the ocean more often
23. Be more kind
24. Get out of Wall Street and invest locally.
25. Wear more color
26. More time to walk
27. Someone finds this post and shares it widely.

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