Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lullaby for Rising by Oscar Penaranda

Lullaby For Rising*

the well of memory runs deep
a bottomless spring
you must dive into and explore
like a healing hilot's hand
or perish
You have to steel yourself, prepare
growing into it
struggle without losing the spirit of gratitude
always saying po and salamat
for that is a healing too
paghihilom din yan
like giving 
and getting comfort from the friendship of
self, family, community
and ancestors
birthing and baptizing
yourself anew
Find the tanglad that will flavor whatever nourishes you
for we are all of mixed heritage
many colors  in our diversity
and we are all of one heritage
one color in our humanity
once you find our indigenous connections
learning the wonderful force of bayanihan
from our manongs and manangs
and kaibigans

Mabuhay ka, my child.

Oscar PeƱaranda
April 28, 2012
Santa Rosa
Sonoma County,

*(poem composed from the one-word contributions of participants at the Asian Community Forum, at SSU, on 4/30, organized by Karen P/FANHS, CFBS, FACSCI, FAASSU).

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