Friday, May 18, 2012

dear paysbuk,
i wish i know how to quit you.
it was better when i was blogging and connecting to folks based on mutual interests.
now hardly anyone visits this blog anymore because i don't take time to create the links and tags to other people's sites like i used to.
it was better when i didn't have to spend so much time scrolling thru people's updates, events, news items, announcements, birthdays.
i had more time reading and reflecting and then writing more than 140characters. i got quite a bit of writing done then that eventually led to longer pieces that ended up in books, anthologies, ezines, and  listserves where there were meaningful discussions going on.
i think someday soon, your bubble will burst, too, paysbuk.
just like everything else in this simulated reality that has kept us numbed and distracted.
one at a time, we will say
i miss my face-time with my best friend
i miss the phone contact with family
i miss the touch and hug of a loved one
i miss being present to my own life
i miss gardening and touching the warm soil
i miss pulling weeds in the garden
i miss sitting in the backyard without my laptop
i miss walking around the neighborhood

oh yes, time to make time for these things again
summer is here

orphaned koans are waiting

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