Saturday, May 14, 2011

Remembering NVM Gonzalez

Today belongs to NVM Gonzalez.
Can the West 'read' us well? Can the words we offer it become an ennobling vision of life? In light of its long acquaintance with themes of alienation and despair, do the West see our books as celebrations of continuity and endurance?
As I writer I have no ready answer. But, as a reader, I keep firm my faith in language and the imagination. I am proud to be counted among the wounded.
NVM Gonzalez, The Novel of Justice, 144
You can now view photos from Spirit Breath here.  Note the accompanying text to the photos which are equally poetic and stunning. Thanks again, Lizae.
To Eileen and her beautiful daughter, Francine!
To Tera's newly minted Phd from U of Texas in Austin.

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