Saturday, January 29, 2011

Original Instructions (from dream circle, 1/16/2011

You are here because we summoned you.
For many decades now you have dreamt of this moment.
In your dreams, your Lola appeared telling you to plant
sampaguita, kalamansi - which are not native to his land.
But this is your Land now. We brought you here.
We sent you here.
These are the original instructions you are remembering now
because the veil of forgetting has lifted. Your memories
are alive; they live and breathe here and now tethered
to the thread that weaves the past, present, and future.
Because of moments like this weekend, we will grieve
no longer because you have welcomed us back and received our
presence into your life.
Your life now flows like song - sometimes of ecstacy and joy,
sometimes of rage and fear, sometimes of reverie --
but always full and throbbing.

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