Sunday, January 9, 2011

Jennifer's journey Home....

(I'm sharing J's letter to Kapampangan culture-bearers who await her homecoming and will take her on a journey of rediscovering her Kapampangan indigenous roots.)

Dearest All,

I thank you in advance for you warm welcome and your open arms. My intention for this journey is rediscovery. Rediscovery of my ancesteral history, our indigenous history, and my own story.

Here is a back story on me. As most immigrants coming to the US from a young age I have spend most of my life assimilating, trying to fit in, trying to be just like everyone else. But, as I hit my 30s I started to really do some self reflection. As this process unfolded I slowly came closer to Spirit and was able to tap into my true essence and purpose in this lifetime. As my perception shifted and how I saw the world became more clear, the more I was able to see the beauty of my ancestral roots. I was able to see the Indigenous ways of my ancestors as sacred. Their way of life was in harmony with the land and the seasons. They lived and worked as a community, knowing that if one was hurt everyone was to feel the pain as well. They lived Kapwa, the self in the other, as an everyday reality. I see such beauty in the way that they lived their lives feel that now more than ever we need to go back to their ways.

So, that's my life's journey, once a path opens up for you there is no going back. I am now and for the rest of my life committed to rediscovering the ways of our ancestors and somehow finding a way to use their wisdom in our modern life. Any words, stories, rituals, or songs, you all want to contribute to this intention is very welcomed.

Maraming salamat po.

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