Saturday, December 25, 2010

on Christmas Eve, I Think of You...

It has been difficult trying to compose a Christmas letter this year.
Since Facebook, everyone's life seems to be an open book, mine included.
The public aspects of my life are accessible to Everyone so what is left to write about?
I do want to thank so many individuals who have shaped 2010 and turned it into an Awesome year.
But I cannot name you all here.
I can only trust that you know who you are and you know how much you mean to me.
Whether in the Philippines, in the US, or elsewhere on the planet, we have connected with each other in big and small ways. These connections are threads interwoven with other threads creating an invisible tapestry of Beauty that is timeless and boundless. I call it our Pagbabalikloob to our Sacred Wholeness.
This year this Beauty manifested itself through the events of the Center for Babaylan Studies and many of you have become a part of this community. Perhaps you were at the conference or at our events around the US and in the Philippines. Maybe you are a member of our Facebook page and have seen all our photos, videos, and posts. Perhaps you were a presenter, volunteer, organizer, fundraiser for the Babaylan Conference. Thank you.
We tell each other that we hear the call of our Ancestors in our hearts, souls, minds, bodies.
Together we are participating in feeding the Sacred so that the rivers, mountains, sky, moon, stars, birds, plants, fishes, oceans, and everyone that shares this Life with us may create the balance and harmony we need.
This earthly cosmology invites our communion.
As I write this, I think of Noah who is making snow angels in Chicago. He is sledding, throwing snow balls at his uncles, wrecking the snowman, and wrestling with Brutus.
The future belongs to him.
How then do I live my life so that I may, someday, be a worthy Ancestor to him?
What kind of Ancestor are you going to be? -- is a poster on my wall in my office.
It is a simple question and no complex theological discourse to reckon with.
For now, I think of You, all of You who have been walking this road with me. Whether we've walked together for many decades or a few years or months, I am grateful for your radical presence in my life.
And to the One that I call my Koan, you remain...

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