Monday, December 13, 2010

Babaylan in Kapampangan

Thanks to Mike Pangilinan for these lessons:

"katulunan" and "mamalian"...

Katulunan = seers, men to whom the spirits appear via visions (see Bergano's "vocabulario"under the entry TULON).
Mamalian = Kapampangan for Babaylan, "ding babaing luluguran/sasaniban ding nunu" (see Bergano's "vocabulario"under the entry "BALLUYAN").

katulunan are males and babaylan are females. in Kapampangan they are called "babaluyan" (passive) and "mamalian" (active)...the ceremony is called "pamalian". according to Berganio, "balluyan" is synonymous to "buri"...

Talugigi -- chants, prayers, invocations; the chant is based on the "sane", the indigenous chanting tune now used in the catholic 'pasion'. the tunes of the Kapampangan pasion are different from other lowland christian groups in that they are mostly indigenous and non-western... still retaining their native names: tagulele (laments), sane (chants), uakas (funeral chants), sambitan (another funeral chant), pasaldak (another form of lament), etc... guardians of the five directions: indung laut (mother ocean, south), ibpang banua (father sky, north), apung sinukuan (the sun, east), apung maliari (the moon, west), indung tibuan (mother earth, center). the 9 sacred directions are: Ugut (north, on the star) / Amianan (north, based on the wind), sabalasan (n.e.), aslagan (east), bagyuan (s.e.), abagatan (south), siguaran / salatan (s.w.), albugan (west), balaklautan (n.w.), Alaya (center)


  1. am a lover and speaker of the capampangan language Leny. although my capampangan is Tarlac capampangan the beauty of sweet and melodious articulation of the language is never lost.I appreciate this rare capampangan vocabulary, although archaic,conveys the richness of our capampangan culture. thanks a lot!mabiye ca pang malwat Leny!:-)

  2. am so glad to meet another Kapampangan, Faina. so much history and it's wonderful to learn something new everyday! dakal a salamat!