Saturday, October 16, 2010

Local community service

happy with the surge in interest from local community folks on how to re-envision, re-spirit, re-energize our Kapwa in this county. today, about a dozen folks gathered at Noemi's to brainstorm on how this might happen. before diving into the topic, we went through the creativity exercises that i borrowed from dear Mila. Mila calls these "raising babaylan consciousness" activities but i didn't use this term as i didn't want to confuse those who are not yet familiar with the term. the purpose of the activity was to introduce ourselves to each other while also identifying the qualities or values that made us proud to be Filipino. some of their answers: Masipag, mabait, maka-Diyos, malikhain, mapagmahal, masaya, matulungin, malakas, matiyaga, maganda ang kalooban, may paninindigan, at iba pa. they also said: we are family oriented; we value education; we are practical; we are resourceful, we are respectful.  from these answers, we asked ourselves: how then do we share these values in our community-at-large? how do we enlarge this circle? 
it was only from this point on that we were able to start brainstorming on how to address the issues in our community.
*the need for educational workshops and cultural programming
*how to invest in the youth
*how to bridge the different groups in the area
*how to improve the infrastructure and services of the community center
*how to inspire? basis of inspiration?
i liked the energy of the small group. i can tell that there is potential here.

my next project: becoming animal...

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