Wednesday, October 20, 2010

MG chatted with me on FB tonight and made me smile. she said that some young folks in newyork/newjersey asked her: "do you know leny strobel?" apparently they are thinking of designing a t-shirt "inspired by the work of leny strobel" and were inquiring about how to find me. i told MG to tell them to concentrate on the work and not the author but that am very happy to know that they are inspired.
on the same day, my mentor, Roshni, chided me for being too timid to talk about my work esp. the latest book. earlier in the day she was talking to a mutual friend and the friend said that she hasn't heard me talk about my latest book (and we just saw each other last week).
tomorrow am doing a lecture at SFSU at Prof P's class.
am not that timid.

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