Friday, August 13, 2010

Tide pools and young boys

We recently returned from Sea Ranch with 6yr old Noah and his Dad. We spent several days by the tide pools where we found: fish, starfish, mussels, hermit crabs, snails, anemones, sea weed, slugs, and other creatures on the sand and sea. With his found friends at the beach, Ri and Luke, they were oblivious to time, sun, cold wind, hunger, and thirst.

I had forgotten the joy of tide pooling and watching Noah shriek with delight made me feel so happy. The boys created an "observatory" where they put the species they caught by hand into another area of the tide pool that they barred with sand so the sea creatures can't escape. I watched as they sometimes lapsed into total silence and concentration while watching a crab feed itself or while trying to coax a fish out of hiding. Other times, their joyful high-pitched shouts of joy, was infectious. This is It, I told myself. We were made for moments like these.

Right there was Magic. Watching kids and adults delight in the beauty of our Sonoma Coast - its tides and tide pools, the rocks for climbing, the shells (there were folks who were collecting mussel and abalone shells), the sand (for building sand castles), the rocks for making zen altars. Each day started with overcast and chilly winds but by mid-day we were graced with the parting of the fog and the kiss of the warm sun. Bliss.

On the way home, Noah was already making plans to return next year. I told him to remember his friend's phone no (5660133) so he can call him then.

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