Sunday, August 15, 2010

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Transformation, Wellness, Healing as Social Justice work

How can one be well if we are not well together?  And how will we get well when our sense of wellness often does not include the whole?  As Toni Cade pondered in her book The Salt Eaters we have to open ourselves up again to wellness and wholeness, because what is in our memory and intrinsically a part of us has been separated and often taken away from us.  It is something we will need to find again as part of understanding our role as organizers who once were healers, or healers who once were organizers. (Cara Page)

note to self: connect the CFBS work with Incite. It is good to be reminded that the work of healing/transformation/wellness must be connected to social justice movements. Such pursuits often begin as personal development projects but must evolve to become more expansive and inclusive in ways that benefit communities into becoming socially just and fair.  In the absence of such vision, our personal development goals can be easily co-opted by a materialist/consumerist narrative.

I am reminded that my work then is to learn how to articulate this more clearly as a CFBS vision. The beauty of Kapwa psychology is that it already serves as a framework that needs to be enfleshed and embodied.

I am looking for individuals who might want to dialogue with me on this topic.

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