Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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Lidy Nacpil, Freedom from Debt Coalition: "We are not poor, we are impoverished... Our resources/resource outflow in the South is paying for the affluence of the North."

Invincible, Detroit Hip Hop Artist

Every time I search for more links to the USSF, an upwelling of gratitude and affection happens to me. I become speechless. The links provided here will speak for themselves.

Lidy Nacpil talks about the debt crisis in the Philippines and Invincible talks about the renewal of Detroit from the ground-up. I hear that some folks are now planning to move to Detroit because of their positive experience of being there during the USSF.

The other day a friend asked me "what's next?" I don't know, I answered. The USSF made me realize more urgently the need to be part of the local community. Local to me means suburbia, it means my neighborhood, it means the local Fil Am community. How do I plug in when cyber communities have been more "real" to me than the local scene?

It's time to adjust, enit?

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