Friday, July 23, 2010

The good work of FANHS

My Highlights from the FANHS conference:

  • rooming with Karen, Bec, and Titania and Rocco
  • the beautiful Seattle University campus
  • youth participation: from Kodiak, Alaska; from PEP; from Virginia Beach, Va, youth from Seattle and Tacoma
  • Bay Area Kulintang Ensemble: Titatia, Holly, Tala, Patty, Alexis, Pat, Olivia
  • FANHS Sonoma County participation/Remembering our Manongs
  • dropping in on simultaneous workshops: Battle of Ising in Mindanao, Fil Ams in Detroit, Virginia Beach/FANHS/FACS work with K-12 youth; panel on youth's voices, mestizas, etc., Camp FYA making Babaylan dolls - beautiful!
  • authors' reception: being introduced by FANHS Pres Joanie Cordova (thank you!)
  • selling copies of Babaylan books (thank you, Linda)
  • Our BABAYLAN Panel/Workshop: Karen, Lorial, Bec, Titania plus Baylan, Holly, Pat, Alexis assisting with Kapwa Jammin.
  • reconnecting with Emraida from Milwaukee, Amalia from Hawaii, Judy from San Diego, Juanita from San Francisco, Melissa from San Diego, Veronica and the Virginia Beach crew, etc...
  • dancing the night away on Friday and Bec's cha-cha line...
  • storytelling among friends...
and many more...

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