Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What does Grief feel like in your body? Is it a knot on your shoulder? A tender spot on your breast? A stiff muscle in your hamstring? Does it feel like water about to spill over into a fall? Is it the shallow and short breath?
Or is it mostly a tug of war with your thoughts. Maybe sadness is a state of mind? If meditation empties the mind, would your energy return? Will you feel happier?
Or is it a matter of honoring the grief? After all, your best friend's father just passed away. There is family grief that is unacknowledged. MAybe the ground beneath your feet is shifting and signaling that change is coming and you must be prepared.
Is the nightmare a good teacher? The dream said that the patriarchy will not give up easily. The shaman surrenders his body. But what does this mean? Who is the shaman?
I think the lesson is in how to see your body and your psyche as not separate from the enveloping air of the biosphere. How to do grow this consciousness? This is what I need.

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