Thursday, April 19, 2012

Embracing and Celebrating Diversity: An Asian American Forum

Karen Pennrich, president of FANHS Sonoma County, is leading the organizing of the "Embracing and Celebrating Our Diversity: An Asian American Forum" on April 28 at Sonoma State University's Cooperage, from 10am to 3am.  The event is co-sponsored by the Ctr for Babaylan Studies, Fil Am Students at SSU, Fil Am Community of So Co, the SSU Diversity Committee and the SSU Multicultural Center. Now that is what I call collaboration -- getting all the local organizations working together.

There is indeed a new energy around here. The local organizations are working together, pooling and sharing resources and there is mutual support for each other's activities and events. New folks are coming forward to volunteer. New events like book readings, fundraisers for relief efforts in the Philippines, fundraisers for members with critical needs, music and dance classes, language classes -- are just some of the manifestation of this new energy.

The reach of this energy extends beyond Sonoma County. CFBS volunteers - Lizae, Titania, Alexis, Marybelle, Jay, Christine are also joining us this day. As we integrate ritual, music, creative arts into a community forum, we are creating integral wholeness. We consciously approach our organizing and conceptualizing from this perspective. Kapwa is wholistic. Body, mind, and spirit are nurtured.

And the students: Michael, Danielle, Jenn, Andrew, Samantha, Richard, and others -- we are connecting the university with the community! You are the future leaders of our communities. Thank you for your commitment to FAASSU and to your studies and to this community connection. Your voices are important. We need to hear you!

Thank you to Elisa Velasquez, Chair of Diversity Committee at SSU for supporting the forum thru the Richard Rodriguez memorial award. There will be many more opportunities for collaboration in our future. Salamat!

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