Wednesday, March 14, 2012

so many beautiful things are flowing....

  • reading Greg Sarris' not yet published manuscripts of fiction and non fiction and learning a lot about local native communities past and present
  • anticipating KAPWA 3 conference in Baguio in June-July
  • March 31 Open House with Titania and Rocco's 7th birthday
  • supporting FANHS Sonoma County's April 28 event: Asian American Community Forum
  • re-building departmental program
  • Shailja Patel's visit today in my class. Luminous human being. 
  • April 4, Lakota Sun Dancer and elder will be visiting same class
  • meet up with Tera, Lily, and Therese at the Asian Am Studies Conf in Washington DC, April 14
  • promotion: in process
  • planning for Grace Nono events in the Fall
  • Schooling the World - screened at home with friends
  • reading Wayfinders by Wade Davis
  • reading Turquoise Ledge, Leslie Marmon SIlko
  • the chicks survived week one. all looking good.
  • beloved community thriving; gratitude for volunteers

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