Tuesday, April 19, 2011

weekend with cfbs sisters

a lovely weekend with Lizae, Venus, and Junice. Lizae brought her guitar because we were going to rehearse for the upcoming event. but on second thought...nah. save the singing for another time. Venus came for the week to do video editing. Junice came to pick up the video camera i was lending her to take with her to the Philippines. she will be going home with her Dad to plant trees at their island off Cebu.

Junice didn't plan to stay overnight. Lizae planned on going home the next morning.

but we all ended up at wild flower bakery in Freestone and then at Dillon Beach and finally enjoying a seafood dinner. Junice and Lizae finally said goodbye at 7pm.

we read poetry, played music. told stories till 2:30am.

bonding. sisterhood. babaylan spirit.

wish you were here. 

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