Friday, March 18, 2011

please do not forward those websites, newsletters, emails that warn about:
-- financial collapse in the US due to hyperinflation
-- radiation fall out from Japan reaching the west coast

i read this stuff and when i get to the end, i realize they're just out  to get me to buy their stuff.
i am hit with ads on what to buy:
--  get the financial newsletter that will tell me how to make money even after everyone have lost their shirt!
--  buy gas now and evacuate, am told. where to? 30 million Californians emptying out the state headed where??
--  buy potassium iodide, spirulina, chorella, seaweed, baking soda, etc.etc.

i already know that shift is happening. it is only hubris/ego that pretends that control and security is guaranteed.

when i was young, every year we waited for the monsoon floods. we anticipated the inundation and destruction of our house. my dad waded in chest -high water to find us food. we stayed home from school. read by candlelight. in 1972 we were under water for a month and when the water receded, our house was half-buried in silt.

i recall the Mt Pinatubo eruption and how it dumped ashes on my parents' house; how lahar flowed and buried entire towns. a friend's family was rescued from the rooftop of their home after being soaked in rain for more than 24hours. 

now the same things happen with severity and more dire consequences. there is 24hour unrelenting media. i am glued to it until i begin to wonder if i have become a voyeur.

i retreat into my center of calm. i remind myself not to be seduced by fear and ego. 

instead i sing. i watch the birds outside. i watch the rain. 

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