Tuesday, November 30, 2010

from a reader of the Babaylan book

I'm only on Page 10 of your book since I got it last night... a very slow read because I can't stop myself from crying all the time... Tears are streaming down my face, tears within tears, and cries within cries, and sobs from more sobs deep within... I always knew as if someone erased my memory that someone was killed in my sleep. I know now what it is. Now I can honor it...weep for it. 

To your: "I am an accident of history, I needed to leave in order to come home again." 

How you echoed my innermost emotions caused a wild drumming inside me, as if I have suddenly sprung a tribe awake.

I must thank you now at page 10. I know I must remember.
and here's a link to the booklaunch event at Bahay Nakpil on Nov. 29

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